Picturing The Pacific

This site: expands, refines and amends aspects of the publication Picturing The Pacific – Joseph Banks and the Shipboard artists of Cook and Flinders by James Taylor published by Adlard Coles / Bloomsbury  in September 2018.

Book Reviews: “When Sir David Attenborough no less expresses delight at receiving a complimentary copy of a book, you know that are you in for a treat, and I’m sure that this seminal work exploring Sir Joseph Banks’ major contribution to ship-board art will not disappoint the reader.” Paul Scott, Sir Joseph Banks Society Magazine, Autumn/Winter 2019. 

Where to buy the book: preferably please visit your local independent book store, or online from https://bloomsbury.com/uk/picturing-the-pacific-9781472955432/

Contact: Comments and suggestions can be emailed to: JamesMSTaylor1@gmail.com